The Circle of Life at The Highlands

Birds fly over fields in part of the circle of life at The Highlands

Everything we do revolves around the great outdoors. Within that, our top priority is to always respect the natural environment we use daily. For us, that means maintaining humane and sustainable practices across our land, our birds, and the hunt itself. Learn how we strive to sustain a meaningful relationship with the circle of life on our land at The Highlands Sportsmen’s Club.

The Land

There are nine different hunting fields amid our 600 acres of private land, all of which receive special care and maintenance year-round. Each field has been carefully designed to provide the best possible upland bird hunting experience for our members, from the terrain and crop to the growth and layouts.

There is diversity among our fields; some are made up principally of sorghum, while others have corn, wild marsh, and/or perennial grasses, as well as natural woods. Mink Creek also runs through our property, cutting it in half, and provides a water source near the fields. From flat lands to steep hills and everywhere in between, meticulously taking care of our grounds only adds to the picturesque views they provide to all who explore them.

The Birds

All of the hunting done at The Highlands is upland bird hunting of ring-necked pheasants, chukar partridges, and bobwhite quails. We buy all of our wild birds mature, and we only purchase birds from the best suppliers in the country. All of these birds are trophy specimens, including males with 30-inch tails and beautiful, colorful plumage.

The types of cover crops in our fields were chosen especially to best support these birds and ensure excellent hunting conditions. Sorghum, in particular, is a crop we grow to keep the birds feeling safe, as upland birds would rather run than fly. It’s a leafy grass crop that has quite a bit of foliage down low to the ground, which is why you need professional hunting dogs to help find them and flush them out. 

As an added bonus, the quality of the birds and the care provided to them at The Highlands means you’re in for an exhilarating hunt with birds that will challenge you with their agility, intelligence, and speed.

The Hunt

Our goal at The Highlands is to promote responsible hunting practices, and a large part of that is respecting the land, the birds, and, if successful, the harvest of your quarry. Hunting in what feels like the middle of nowhere, you’re given the space to allow your five senses and natural instincts to take over. You can let go of any feelings or negative emotions and simply enjoy the environment that surrounds you.

As Founder and Owner TJ Sommer said, “You’re watching the dog. You’re realizing you’ve got a gun in your hand, and you can’t take back shots. You’ve got the respect of knowing that you’re at the top of the food chain. You get the opportunity to put food on the table for your sustenance. I believe that the ability to hunt or the desire to hunt is in our chromosomes—it’s something that we’re born with. I think it fulfills a deep-down need that we, the human race, have to do.”

When you come to The Highlands, embrace this experience, and appreciate the life cycle that takes place on our grounds, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of and respect for hunting. (And we promise you’ll have the time of your life while doing it.)

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